Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Another easy one


Does anybody actually plays these ?

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Anonymous said...

Great puzzle!

I understand the frustration that can come from a lack of an audience for your puzzles, being a designer myself.
I found this blog through the RUUD forum, which seems to have a large, but mostly inactive audience.

I would recommend the Djape forums, which comprise a smaller but more active audience.
You should probably post one in the "other" section and name the topic something other than just "minidoku" (such as "minidoku - variation") because most people in that puzzle community would associate the name "minidoku" with a sudoku with dimensions smaller than 9x9.

You may also want to check out Janko.at
The whole site's in German, but the webmaster knows English, so you can email him at (homepage [at] janko.at) and with luck, he may even create a java applet for your puzzles!